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November 2017

Found 19 blog entries for November 2017.

By: Denise & Melissa Stewart

The USA Today voted The Sail in Tampa as the nation’s best dog-friendly bar/restaurant. The Sail is unique because it is Tampa’s only 360-degree waterfront bar. The Sail is in the perfect location. Located right on the Riverwalk, it is in the heart of downtown. You can pull your boat right up to the restaurant and dock at its public docking. You and your dog should enjoy a day downtown in this dog-friendly city by stopping by The Sail.

 The Sail always has events and entertainment going on. On the second Friday of every month, The Sail has a food truck rally with Brews and Bites food truck. It is also the best spot to watch the stunning Tampa sunsets. This is the place to relax and enjoy Tampa’s best.



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This is a Guide to Florida Laws on Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animals in the State of Florida

You are looking at a Condo to buy, and there is a sign on the front of the Condo Complex  that says "No Dogs Allowed". You have been told by friends that you dog has to be permitted because your Doctor wrote you a letter stating that you need your dog for emotional support, and you also have an Emotional Support Card from an Internet Company that "Certified" that your dog is an Emotional Support Dog.  Does the Condo have to let you and your Dog live in the Community? The answer is not necessarily, and it could cost you a bunch to find out.

The rules have been changing in the last 10 years, and many Condo and other Associations are drawing a line

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By: Denise & Melissa Stewart

Whether the gym is a part of your daily routine or if you wish it was, the gym is a place that we always think of just being for humans. But…that is wrong. In California, there is a gym for dogs where you can get your dog fit to its fullest potential. This gym is called Fitdog. Fitdog was founded in 2009 and is now located in various locations in California. Fitdog is a personable dog daycare that just doesn’t watch after your dog but interacts with your dog with exercise and activities. Fitdog has all the amenities of a high-end daycare, like overnight watch, full-service grooming, all-natural flea baths, webcams, and dog walks. However, Fitdog stands out in how far it excels in making sure your dog is as healthy as

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By: Denise & Melissa Stewart


Barkham Park at Markham Park is for sure one of Broward County’s best parks that you need to take your dog to. The park is a 3-acre, leash-free doggy paradise. There are three shelters on the park which have chilled water fountains for humans and pups and dog washing stations. The park was the first dog park in Broward County to use Bermuda sod, which makes the playing surface for the pups nice and smooth. There are also nice areas for the puppy owners to walk, too. The large asphalt paths are perfect for a jog. Barkham Park is a fun, playful atmosphere for the pups, so make sure your pooch is friendly with other dogs before you go.

In addition to Markham Park having a great dog park, it also has dog-training

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By: Denise & Melissa Stewart

 If you’ve never dressed your dog or cat up for Thanksgiving, you need to this year. These Thanksgiving outfits are just too hard to resist! Check them out:

 Dog Turkey




Cat Turkey


Pumpkin Pie


Dinner Outfit


Thanksgiving Chef


Mr. and Mrs.


Thanksgiving Queen

For information on pet-friendly condos in the South Florida area, please contact Denise at 866-783-6011 or denise@condo.net

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By: Denise & Melissa Stewart


Thanksgiving is right around the corner. While you’re busy making food this Thanksgiving, why not also add the task of making a meal for your dog. In fact, you can make a meal with ingredients that are sure to already be on your Thanksgiving plate. Many of the foods we eat on Thanksgiving are healthy for not only us but our dogs, and our dogs also LOVE the food. Turkey and sweet potatoes are enough to have your dog in taste bud Heaven. Here’s one puppy-edition Thanksgiving dinner recipe that is super easy to make (30 minutes) because you’ll already have the ingredients in front of you—oh, and your pup will scarf it down!

We all eat way more than we should on Thanksgiving, so this recipe is no exception for our pups.

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By: Denise & Melissa Stewart

Happy Thanksgiving from Condo.net! We hope you have a day full of family, friends, good food, and of course, your adorable pet. Be sure to give your pet a special treat today.

For information on pet-friendly condos in the South Florida area, please contact Denise at 866-783-6011 or denise@condo.net

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The Expert Guide


Condo Investing


Please note that investing in residential properties, including Condos, should not be considered a quick-turn, get-rich-fast scheme, but rather a way to earn cash flow and reap the benefits of appreciation if done properly, and assuming you can wait out any market downturns.

Are Condos Good Investment Properties?


to put (money) to use, by purchase or expenditure, in something offering potential profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value.

An investment condo is purchased for the purpose of receiving a return on your investment. That return can be:

Cash Flow- As a general rule of thumb, you should be able to receive a positive cash

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By: Denise & Melissa Stewart


Customizing makes everything better and more fun. We get customized things for ourselves, so why not our dogs? Hotdog Collars has everything to customize for your dog, and we mean everything. They have more than 20,000 products! Here’s what you can get just for your pup:

Dog Collars

Hotdog Collars has every kind of collar you can imagine. You will definitely find something that your pup loves. They even have collars that light up. The best part about their collars though is that you can get whatever you want to say on them, like your pet’s name. You can even get charms put on the collar to spell out your pooch’s name. There are way too many designs to choose from.


Dog Leashes

To match the dog collar,

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By: Denise & Melissa Stewart 

There may be plenty of nice pictures of your family in your house, but what about your pet? Our pets are members of our families too, so why not get a portrait of your them. These portraits are created by a husband and wife and they are absolutely stunning. It is so hard to tell if it is truly a painting because it looks even better than a picture. The husband specializes in oil paintings, while the wife is a master of pencil drawings.

The two artists absolutely love what they do and would gladly create a portrait of your pet, but their client list is quite lengthy as well. They can each create portraits of dogs, cats, and horses. You can definitely tell these artists are professionals. Their 20 years of experience

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