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December 2017

Found 9 blog entries for December 2017.

By: Denise & Melissa Stewart


Lucky Dog Animal Rescue has been a phenomenal foundation that has saved over 10,000 dogs and cats lives since 2009. This volunteer-powered nonprofit has a mission of rescuing as many neglected and abandoned animals as possible and finding them loving homes for the rest of their lives. The organization also rescues animals from owners who can’t take care of their pets and animals from high-kill shelters. Lucky Dog even desires to educate the community on the care, control, health, and obedience of pets.

Here’s the amazing number of pets adopted so far this year: 

At Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, you can do much more than adopt to help the cause of homeless pets. You can also donate, volunteer, and even foster pets.

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By: Denise & Melissa Stewart


Recently, there have been so many dogs strutting in Christmas style. All of the pups look so cute and catch everyone’s attention. If your pup doesn’t mind wearing clothes, you need to get your pup Christmas clothes from Funny Fur. Funny Fur is a website that has all things dog apparel, toys, accessories, and necessities, but the hottest items right now are its Christmas clothes. There is a huge variety of options, from costumes to ties, for all dog sizes. Your pup will steal the show in any of Funny Fur’s outfits. Here are some of our favorite items:

For information on pet-friendly condos in the South Florida area, please contact Denise at 866-783-6011 or denise@condo.net

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By: Denise & Melissa Stewart

Merry Christmas from Condo.net! 

We hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season full of giving and happiness with family, friends, and of course, your Santa paws.

For information on pet-friendly condos in the South Florida area, please contact Denise at 866-783-6011 or denise@condo.net

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By: Denise & Melissa Stewart


Get your pup in the Christmas spirit by making some Christmas dog treats for him. We all love the cookies we indulge in on Christmas, so why not let our pups have some Christmas treats, too. This recipe makes the cutest candy cane dog treats. Your dog will stop nagging you for your food on Christmas when he has one of these candy cane treats. Here’s the easy, healthy recipe:

Ingredients (Yield-20 Candy Cane Treats):

  • 3 cups of all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup of nonfat powdered milk
  • 1/2 tsp. of baking powder
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 cup of warm water
  • 1 chicken bouillon cube
  • 2 tsps. of red food coloring
  • 1/2 tsp. peppermint oil flavoring (optional)
  • 1 large egg (for an egg wash)


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By: Denise & Melissa Stewart

Salon Bark in Fort Lauderdale, FL is the cutest boutique. You will find trendy clothes, party decorations, home decor, purses, stunning jewelry, and even pet products! Salon Bark, hence the name "Bark," makes sure that both you and your pup look runway ready. Salon Bark sells adorable dog clothes, collars, leashes, bows, carriers, toys, and beds. You can't find anything cuter anywhere else.

Salon Bark also offers grooming services. While you shop your dog can get beautified. This boutique always offers what others don't. They always have different vendors come where you can get unique products, and they always update the store to make sure they have the most stylish products. Salon Bark is the perfect place for

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Condos that will allow 2 Dogs.

There are a lot of Condos in the South Florida that simply do not allow any dogs.

The reasons vary, but unless your dog has a medical reason to assist you, and you have the proper paperwork, your dog will not be allowed. The number of condos that do not allow pets, and dogs in particular, have been increasing in the past few years. If you buy a condo that allows pets, and the Condo Association changes the rules while you are the owner, this should not affect you as an owner because you should be "Grandfathered" in under the old rules, but your buyers may not be so lucky. 

There are a few condos that are dog friendly and will allow you to keep your dog in your condos. These condos can be seen by going to: Pet

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By: Denise & Melissa Stewart

We love having our picture taken with Santa and seeing our pictures with Santa as a kid. For many of us, the picture with Santa was a yearly tradition. But have you ever seen a dog take a picture with Santa? These "Santa Paws" look so delighted to sit on Santa's lap:

For information on pet-friendly condos in the South Florida area, please contact Denise at 866-783-6011 or denise@condo.net

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By: Denise & Melissa Stewart

If you’re a dog owner and you haven’t heard of Harry Barker, you need to check it out! Harry Barker has the most perfect pet accessories, leashes, traveling gear, and toys. The pet toys are more adorable than you could imagine, and they are the perfect gifts to get for your pet this holiday season. 

You can buy toys individually in either plush, rubber, or cotton rope material. The toys range from starfish to the Statue of Liberty to Santa Claus and everything in between. There’s even a toy shoe so your pup can finally stop playing with your shoes. All the toys come in small and large sizes, so your pup can have the perfect toy for him or her. Many of us have dog toys scattered all over the place, but Harry

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By: Denise & Melissa Stewart

Paradise Ranch Pet Resort is THE place to take your pet. It is a 5-star luxury pet resort located 20 minutes from Los Angeles. Your pet can have its own trip while you’re on a trip, go to doggie day care, get trained, just get groomed, or even have its birthday party at the resort. Here’s why the resort is so unbelievable…


The resort is meant to look like a luxurious tropical home, so your pup feels at home. Every detail about the interior is stunning and looks like a place us people would want to stay if we went to Hawaii, but this hotel is just for your pup. Your dog can sleep on the king-sized beds or couches with plush pillows and blankets. There are plenty of big windows, so your pup always has a view. If

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